Foothills Brewing Oktoberfest

Foothills Brewing Oktoberfest, 5.8% ABV picked up from my local Harris Teeter grocery store is a seasonal from the Winston-Salem based brewery. Prince Ludwig was a man of the people, which is why when he married in 1810, he invited the entire town of Munich. That is where Oktoberfest celebration comes from. Foothills Brewing Oktoberfest pours a deep red/brown color with a two finger white head that disappears quickly giving off malty sweet aromas with a faint barely-there hop note that takes to a flavor that is similar to the aroma with a malted sweet flavor that has a little hint of hoppy dark fruits, but just barely so, with a sticky finish that linger into a sweet and sticky aftertaste, with a slightly full mouth feel. Foothills Brewing Oktoberfest is a good beer a B, and I would not expect anything different from Foothills, they brew such great beers time and time again. I’ve not really had a bad beer from them. This, there Oktoberfest is a beer that you could drink a six pack of but not much more than that because I think the malty quality would then be to much, but one that you could really celebrate Prince Ludwig with and I hope you try it! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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