Throwback Thursday: Green Flash Brewing Co. Saison Diego

In the last few months, I have really gotten into the Saison or Farmhouse ale style of beer. It is an interesting yet complex Belgian beer style. This is traditional sturdy farmhouse ale that is brewed in the winter, to be consumed in the summer months. This Saison here is Green Flash Brewing Co. Saison Diego, 4.2% ABV. Green Flash is from San Diego California. Saison Diego pours a hazy lemon yellow color with a massive five-finger fluffy white head that dissipates kind of slowly. There is some little amount of light coming through the glass with a nice amount of carbonation bubbles racing up from the bottom. The aroma on Saison Diego is a bit dank with hints of earthy lemon and peppery spice. The taste on Saison Diego is big with dankness first and with a little tart semi-sweet fruit (lemon-like). There is a pepper spice note too. I also found a bit of a yeast flavor around the peppery spice. On the end, there is a very faint bitterness. This is a bold and complex flavored beer. The mouthfeel is medium with a tart finish. The fruity spiced aftertaste does linger for a bit a right before it gone there is a faint tartness. Overall this is a great beer. Saison Diego gets an A here. This is a really great beer with lots of good stuff going with it. Saison Diego is also easy to drink. So please go out and try Saison Diego if you haven’t already and see how you like it! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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