Birdsong Brewing Co. Turn to Stone IPA

This Birdsong Brewing Co., Turn to Stone IPA part of the brewery’s IPA Series was a brewery only release, so I went to the Birdsong Brewery to purchase it. Turn to Stone IPA is brewed with an entirely new species of hop called Medusa. This hop is called Medusa due to the fact that is has multiple cones on it like the many snakes of Medusas hair. Turn to Stone IPA also has a simple malt bill tho really let the Medusa hop shine. Turn to Stone IPA pours a yellow gold color with three finger bright white head that slowly fades into nice lacing giving off tropical aromas of melon and guava with a nice bitter scent that takes you into a tropical bitter melon guava flavor that hits the front of your taste buds and a nice hoppy flavor that washes from the front hitting the back of your tongue with a tropical bitter finish with an a hoppy yet faint fruit flavored aftertaste with. A nice medium mouthfeel that coats your tongue with fruit. Birdsong Brewing Co, Turn to Stone IPA tastes as interesting as it sounds and one that I recommend that you try. I give Turn to Stone IPA a B+. It’s well brewed with a new interesting hop verity that makes for as wonderful flavor with out overpowering you mouth with bitter hops. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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