The Unknown Brewing Co. Feather Light


This is a beer that I thought I’d never see, The Unknown Brewing Co. Feather Light, 3.8% not because it is rare or hard to find no that not it! It’s because Feather Light is a light Berliner Ale, yes light as in light beer and Feather Light is only 123 calories from Charlotte NC’s Unkown Brewing co. A light beer from a Craft Brewery well it’s happened. Feather Light pours a slightly hazy yellow with a thin one finger white head that quickly falls into itself giving a light yet faint sour/tart aroma with some faint flavors sour/tart fruity flavor on its light taste with a slightly tart finish and light sour aftertaste with a very thin and light mouthfeel. Yes, this a better version of a light beer, a light beer with more flavor with an ease of drinking and quite refreshing. I would give The Unknown Brewing Co. Feather Light a B-. Craft Beer drinkers aren’t really worried about how many calories are in their beer so this might be a marketing gimmick to get calorie conscious people whom might not be into craft beer into craft beer. Well, I don’t care if that’s the case I just think The Unknown Brewing Co. Feather Light is a good beer that you should try for yourself. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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