Catawba Brewing Co. LD’s Belgian Tripel Ale


In Belgium, strong golden ales are traditionally named after forces of evil, so this Catawba Brewing Company LD’s Belgian Triple Ale, 10.0% ABV shares its initials with the brewery says is the meanest little guy in the Catawba family, LD a.k.a. Long Dog, a.k.a. Little Devil, this is a dog of course. LD’s Belgian Triple Ale pours a sunset orange with a little yellow on the edge with a one and a half finger of white fizzy head that quickly to disappear giving aromas of a slight fruity banana with a bit of a sour yeasted note that flows to a similar taste of banana, slight sourness with some yeasted notes and a strong boozy note towards the rear of the mouth with a nice strong bubbly finish and an aftertaste of slight semi-sweet banana with clove bits and a medium mouthfeel. Catawba Brewing Co. LD’s Belgian Triple Ale isn’t the best Belgian Triple but it’s a B+. I enjoyed this ale and found it to not feel like a 10.0% beer, but close. It was a bit refreshing here and there and yes I would recommend trying it and would have it again. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!  

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