Throwback Thursday: The Pike Brewery High Five Salish Lodge & Spa Hopped Honey Ale

Originally posted July 15th, 2016

IMG_4093The Pike Brewery in Seattle Washing is one of my favorite breweries. While I was in Seattle this past spring I happened to go to The Pike Brewery and have some of their beers. One, in particular, I had I tap, Pike High Five Salish Lodge & Spa Hopped Honey Ale, 5.6% ABV with 24 IBUs, really caught my attention and I said I need to review this. Well, it just so happens that they have bottled it and are distributing into here in North Carolina. High Five is collaboration, but a different kind of collaboration, not just between to breweries, but between the Pike Brewery and Salish Lodge & Spa. Salish produces the honey that is used in this beer, along with aromatic Yakima Valley Hops. High Five pours a dark yellow color with a deep orange tint to it that makes it look more of an orange color. The head is a bright fluffy white standing two fingers tall and slowly fades into thick gorgeous laving.  The aroma is sweet with tiny traces of a hopped aroma; there is also a faint biscuit scent. The taste is that you’ll what to enjoy over and over. There is sweetness from the honey up front and a biscuit flavor in the middle and a very faint hoppy note on the back. High Five has a nice faint hoppy-sweet finish that lingers into a sweet honey biscuit aftertaste, which coats the mouth. When I had High Five on Tap at the Pike Brewery I knew it was excellent and had to review it for sure. It’s is most definitely A+ beer. I highly recommend it and would rush to have it again, and I can’t say enough good things about The Pike Brewery. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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