Foothills Brewing People’s Moravian Porter

I am a huge fan of cookies and I especially like Moravian Cookies so I saw this Foothills Brewing People’s Moravian Porter, 5.8% ABV with 34 IBUs which is more of a cinnamon version of their good People’s Porter. Winston-Salam, North Carolina’s where Foothills Brewing is located was originally settled by Moravians and is still home to the country’s second-largest Moravian population and this beer is to celebrate the area’s local heritage crafted from spices that have made Moravian cuisine a staple of holiday celebrations there. Moravian Porter pours a dark/black inky color with a big fluffy yet thick four finger beige head with aromas of big cinnamon with little whiffs of a sweetness to the nose that leads down to flavor of big cinnamon, with semi-sweet spicy notes with some smoothness and a little bitterness hitting the back of the tongue, with a spicy finish and a little bitterness, a cinnamon cookie aftertaste with a somewhat full mouthfeel. I like Foothills Brewing People’s Porter, but Moravian Porter isn’t so good. I give Foothills People’s Moravian Porter a D. I am not a big fan of cinnamon especially when it is the only ingredient. That’s all I tasted not much else and yet I wanted more than just cinnamon. I would try this beer. I don’t like it even though I wanted and Foothills Brewing is a good brewery they just missed on this Porter with me. Cheers! please enjoy responsibly.

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