Throwback Thursday: Granite Falls Brewing Co. Blue Ridge Harvest Series Sweet Cherry Falls


I’ve got another local North Carolina beer, this is Granite Falls Brewing Co. Sweet Cherry Falls, 6% ABV. Granite Falls Brewing Co. is in Granite Falls N.C. This is sour cherry ale from Granite Falls Brewing Co.’s Blue Ridge Harvest Sour Series, and is brewed in the winter cause cherries are the deep and darkest of the stone fruits. Sweet Cherry Falls pours a bright magenta hue with barely any head. The aroma is acidic with candied cherry fruit and a hint of a sour note, as it does warm the flavor becomes more medicinal tasting. Taste on Sweet Cherry Falls is slightly sour at first with a clean lactic sourness then steps into a sweet candied cherry tart note.  The mouthfeel is light and sour, with an acidic and somewhat sour yet tart finish. The aftertaste is tart with a faint sweetness.  The tartness does linger a little in your mouth but it’s not overly strong. Sweet Cherry Falls is good but not as rich as I thought it was going be. So it’s C+. I’d like this to be more complex and less candy cherry tasting. I’d like this to have more of a real cherry flavor. It is a bit on the fake side, but not far enough to make it bad. It is easy drinking and has good flavor. But there are not enough good ones though. I wouldn’t run back to Sweet Cherry Falls. I didn’t find this to be overly exciting nor was it terrible. It was average to me. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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