Mission Brewery Dark Seas Russian Imperial Stout


Mission Brewery in San Diego California brewers some popular beers Dark Seas Russian Imperial Stout, 9.3% ABV is one of those I’ve not had any Mission Brewery beers before so Dark Seas is my first which I receive quite recently in a Brewpublik delivery. Dark Seas pours a pitch black color with some beige edges and a two finger beige/brown quickly fealing head that leave a tiny beige halo behind with aroma of big roasted coffee notes slight sweet chocolate with faint molasses and black licorice that leads you into tastes of roasted notes, coffee, a bittersweet chocolate, slight bakers cocoa that finish with a strong roasted flavor with barely a touch of sweetness and a big coffee roasted aftertaste that lingers for a while with a tiny ash-like note all with a full rich mouthfeel. I thought this Mission Brewery Dark Seas Russian Imperial Stout wasn’t the greatest but was still good, average, C+. I like the roasted notes throughout and in the aftertaste but I would’ve liked a touch more sweetness to add more to the roasted notes, but this beer was okay. I kind of would recommend this, but I wouldn’t rush out for Dark Seas. It was average. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!   

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