Founders Brewing Azacca India Pale Ale


Founders Brewing Azacca India Pale Ale, 7.0% ABV with 70 IBUS (Founders Brewing is located in Grand Rapids Michigan) which came via a Brewpublik delivery, is named after the Haitian god of Agriculture and is brewed with Azacca hop which has an intense tropical aroma. Azacca India Pale Ale is also brewed with Caramel Malts and pours a burnt orange color with a three finger semi-off white head that slow to fade into some decent rings of lacing throughout the glass giving of fresh tropical fruit aromas like citrus and some mango with faint sweet malts that lead you to the taste of tropical mango and citrus up front with a Caramel Malt sweetness on the back and finishes with a sweet tropical fruitiness giving you a tropical fruit juice aftertaste with a nice touch of sweetness all with a light mouthfeel. Azacca India Pale Ale is amazingly tasty and well deserving of an A+ with nothing worth reporting negatively on. I highly recommend Founders Brewing Azacca India Pale Ale, it’s a must-have beer, and one that is worth having again. Azacca India Pale Ale is very well balanced between the tropical fruity hops and the sweet Caramel Malt backbone, which makes this a very well brewed beer. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!    

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