Birrifficio Le Baladin Isaac


In New York City while I was visiting I went Downtown to the World Trade Center and to Eataly, where I had lunch with this Italian beer, Birra Baladin Isaac, 5.0% ABV, which is a Witbier. Birra Baladin is imported from Piozzo Italy. Isaac pours a medium orange color with a one finger white bubbly head that fades quickly into itself giving off a spicy yet sweet aroma of clove, orange, and orange peels that lead down to a sweet but somewhat spicy flavor of orange, orange peel, clover, slight coriander with a nice slightly more spicy finish than it starts out with a nice sweet aftertaste that lingers untill a nice orange note comes and it fades all with a light  mouthfeel. Birra Baladin Isaac is easy drinking refreshing beer that pairs well with food or all on its own. I give it an A+. If you ever come across Birra Baladin Isaac do try it I highly recommend that you do. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!  

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