Epic Brewing New England Style India Pale Ale AKA Citralush


This is on the trend with today’s IPAs this is Epic Brewing (Denver, Colorado) New England Style India Pale Ale AKA Citralush, 7.0% ABV. This is a hazy IPA, unfiltered brewed with Citra Hops.  New England Style India Pale Ale AKA Citralush is part of a series of New England IPAs that will rotate every two to three months. Citralush pours a deep dank hazy orange yellow color with a one and a half finger white head with decent retention leaving good lacing behind with aromas of juicy grapefruit and mild orange and earthy hoppiness with some pine notes all coming together to bring you juicy grapefruit/orange flavors with big juicy hop flavors with nice piney dankness with a mild hoppiness on the back of the mouth and a little bitter juiced hop finish with a juicy citrusy aftertaste that linger on your tongue. This one will surprise you with its good juiciness and that gets an A. The flavor of Citralush is none too overpowering and flavorful, one that I recommend you go for and I would have this again. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!       

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