Left Hand Brewing Company Study Abroad Belgian-Style Single Ale


Belgian beer and pretty good and predictable (the good predictable). This Left Hand Brewing Company Study Abroad Belgian-Style Single Ale, 4.5% ABV out of Longmont Colorado an American example of a Belgian-Style single ale. This is a fall seasonal release that pours an orange color with a slight haze to it and a one and a half finger fizzing white head that is gone as soon as it appears. Study Abroad gives you an aroma of spicy notes with slight mild fruits such as faint orange, that leads to somewhat mild spiced notes with the same mild fruit and a bit of yeast. Nothing to write home about here. Study Abroad finish with a little spiced not and faint yeasted fruit with a mild aftertaste of the same fruited spice that is gone in an instant all with a somewhat medium mouthfeel. I find this style of beer to be a good one, but Left Hand Brewing Company Study Abroad Belgian-Style Single Ale is just close to boring, it’s C+. I thought it had a slight IPA orange flavor it that was least bit odd but not so bad. I do like Left Hand Brewing Company’s beer, they make a fabulous Milk Stout and Nitro Milk Stout, Overall I might go Study Abroad again but not anytime soon! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly! 

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