Wicked Weed Brewing Old Fashioned Barrel-Age Ale


This Old Fashioned Barrel-Aged Ale 10.0% ABV from Wicked Weed Brewing in Asheville North Carolina is their take on the classic cocktail The Old Fashioned. This beer is brewed with oranges and cherries and is aged in bourbon barrels with Montmorency and black cherries and finished off with orange zest. What is Montmorency, well that is a type of cherry from Canada, France, and United States.  Old Fashioned Barrel-Aged Ale pours a thick black color with a one finger beige head that gives off slight cherry, lots of alcoholic notes with faint orange. There are a few vanilla notes on the nose but it slightly is hidden behind the big alcoholic boozy aroma, it all smells strong which leads into the taste with big boozy flavors up front with a bit of cherry and slight orange in the middle with more alcohol on the end and touches of toffee. Old Fashioned Barrel-Aged Ale tastes more like a strong Quad than an Old Fashioned cocktail, and not a good one at that. The finish is too strong with alcohol and not enough of the cherry and/or orange and has a boozy aftertaste with some alcohol burn that lingers just for a bit with a full mouthfeel. Wicked Weed Brewing Old Fashioned Barrel-Aged Ale is not for me and I give it a D-. Too strong and too harsh and it wasn’t like the cocktail it is named after. I don’t recommend this at all and I will not drink this again, Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!   

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