Terrapin Beer Co. T-Time Berliner Weisse


This  I am fond of the Terrapin Beer Co in Athens Georgia. they brew great beers. This Terrapin, T-Time Berliner Weisse, 4.0% ABV and only 5 IBUs is a German Style Ale with Maya Tea and lemon. I think the idea here with this is golfers lemonade. T-Time pours a yellow color with a thin one and a half finger fizzy white head that quickly fades into a thin tiny halo, giving off a tart lemony aroma with a faint hint of tea. Taste is similar to its aroma, there is nice tart lemon with a light tea note up front that is slightly semi-sweet with a light tartness in the middle that finishes with a light tart lemon note give you a tart lemonade aftertaste. I found there to be a small amount of tea on this beer. So I give this an A-. It’s a nice touch on a refreshing style. But I think Terrapin needs to stick to brewing beer and not puns. So many bad gold puns on this can. But that doesn’t take away from how this beer taste. That’s the art and or marketing department fault. This T-Time is an easy refreshing beer that I highly recommend you try. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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