Hopfly Brewing Co. The Jalapeño Saison Style Ale

I love a good pepper beer, one that is well brewed. I heard about this Hopfly Brewing Co. The Jalapeño Saison Style Ale, 6.5% from the own of Pop The Top Bottle Shop. So I pick up some. The Jalapeño Saison pours an orange hue with a quickly fleeting three finger white head that does fade but sticks around giving off Jalapeño pepper spices with a faint lemon note. Taste follows the nose with a nice hit of Jalapeño heat a little light lemon note with some Belgian yeast flavors flowing in on the back to the tongue that finishes with a little Jalapeño heat and the same Jalapeño on the aftertaste that fades a little but not completely with a medium mouthfeel. Hopfly Brewing Co. The Jalapeño Saison Style Ale has a mild heat to it which tells me that Hopfly takes out some of the Jalapeño seeds but not all. The seeds of the Jalapeño pepper is what has the heat. This beer is good but I think that three of these is enough and I give this a B-. Good but the Jalapeño flavor really masks a lot of the other flavors but it’s good. I really didn’t get much of the the Saison flavors, just the Jalapeño. So if you like Jalapeño beers then try tHopfly Brewing Co. The Jalapeño Saison Style Ale. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!