Burial Beer & Halfway Crooks Spectacle of Martyrdom

Burial Beer & Halfway Crooks Spectacle of Martyrdom, 3.4% ABV is a collaboration between Burial Beer in Asheville, North Carolina & Halfway Crooks in Atlanta, Georgia. This is a Mild Ale, a Dark Mild Ale. Mild ale is a type of ale, with a malty flavor. Mild ale was original was young, fresh, or unnamed. It is usually low in ABV around 3% or 4% ABV and is mostly a darker beer. The spectacle of Martyrdom pours a black color with a three-finger beige steady creamy head, The aroma is caramel, cocoa, roasted coffee notes with a slight bitterness. The flavor is similar to its aroma, with cocoa, coffee roast, caramel creaminess with a little bitterness. It has a light body and light mouthfeel. It does go down easy. It finishes with a bit of sweet roasted flavor and has a nice aftertaste of sweet cocoa roasted coffee with a very tiny bitter note. This is a different beer than I am used to seeing out there. I hardly ever see a Mild Ale in this part of the world. They are much more common in England, United Kingdom. Well, it’s good, dark and light-bodied. I give Burial Beer & Halfway Crooks Spectacle of Martyrdom an A. It is very tasted without being a huge beer like some darker beer, no was it filling. I enjoy a dark beer that is easier to drink. I highly recommended trying Burial Beer & Halfway Crooks Spectacle of Martyrdom. Please be kind, stay safe and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!