NoDa Brewing Company Cool AF Cold India Pale Ale

Cold IPAs are a relatively new style of beer or sub-style of IPAs. This Cold IPA Cool AF is a relatively new IPA Rotator from NoDa Brewing Company in Charlotte, North Carolina. This beer is 6.4% ABV. This IPA has Galaxy, Mosaic, Simcor, Chinook, and Centennial hops. A cold IPA is fermented at lower-than-normal temperatures than usual for an IPA. A Cold IPA has with Lager Yeast. This beer pours a hazy yellow with a thick rocky two-finger white head. The aroma is piney, fruity, tropical, and bitter. The flavor is piney, bitter, crisp, and fruity. The mouthfeel is medium. Then this Cold IPA finishes with a piney bitterness. Then you get an aftertaste of bitterness with hints of piney flavor fruit. This IPA is not a terrible beer. This beer is the first Cold IPA I’ve had. So I’d say NoDa Brewing Company Cool AF is a C+. Towards the aftertaste, it clashes with the lager yeast flavors, and I didn’t find that great. I am also over the whole craft beer industry is making IPA and IPA sub-styles. There are other styles out there to experiment with. This Cool AF Cold IPA was not terrible I would recommend this beer. Please stay safe, be kind always, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!