Redhook Ale Brewery Big Ballard Imperial IPA

This beer from Seattle, Washington, is Big Ballard Imperial IPA. This IPA weighs 8.6% ABV. This IPA comes from Rehook Ale Brewery. It has malts that consist of Pale, Munich, and Carmel 40. It has hops such as Alchemy, Chinook, Cascade, HBC-431, Centennial, Mosaic, and Eureka. This big IPA pours a deep orange color with a slightly off-white two and quarter head that is slow to fade. The aroma is bitter. There also is slight caramel, sweetness, and dankness. The beer’s flavor is grass, bitter, hops, somewhat sweet, and citrus (grapefruit). The mouthfeel is full. Then this IPA finishes with a bitterness and a faint sweetness. Then you’ll get an aftertaste of hoppy, grassy, citrus, and bitter note. This IPA is a classic Imperial IPA. This beer gets a B-. This IPA is strong on alcohol. But that doesn’t dominate the flavor profile or take away from it. But you know it is 8.7%. It shows in the aftertaste. That does hold it back. I would recommend Big Ballard Imperial IPA. It was solid, tasty, and classic. Please stay safe, be kind, and remember to enjoy responsibly! 

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