Revelry Brewing Wetness Wet-Hopped India Pale Ale

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Thi is just a reminder I will not be blogging between January first to the fourteenth. This IPA Wetness is a wet-hopped IPA with Citra & Centennial wet hops. This beer weighs in at 6%ABV and comes directly from Revelry Brewing in Charleston, South Carolina. I used to see a few of their beer here in the Charlotte, NC, but not in a while. This IPA pours a yellow color, with a three-finger bright white head. The aroma is lemony, citrusy, piney, grassy, and bitter. The flavor is also lemony, citrusy, and piney. It is also soft, dank, dry, and resiny. The mouthful is barely medium but does coat the mouth for a short duration. The beer then finishes dank, dry, and bitter. Then you come to the aftertaste of a light citrus, bitter lemon and pine notes that linger for a while. This Revelry Brewing Wetness does not taste as it smells, which is not good or bad. I enjoyed this IPA.I have not had a lot of wet IPAs. Wet IPAs use fresh off the vine hops, and IPAs usually using dry hops. That’s why you don’t see a ton of wet-hopped IPAs around, or wet hops may be more costly. I give Wetness from Revelry Brewing an A-. I think the Centennial hops slightly overpower the Citra hops, or they use more Centennial the Citra, and I am a big Citra hop fan But nothing else really held this back. It was just my preference. I do recommend this. Please be kind, stay safe, and remember to enjoy responsibly! 

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