Stillwater Artisanal Filson Gold Rush Rustic IPA

This beer, Filson Gold Rush Rustic IPA, is made by Stillwater Artisanal in conjunction with the one-hundred twenty-fifth anniversary of Filson outdoor clothing. This beer is 6.5% ABV from Grand Mound, Washington. This beer was given to me by Backbone Media. There is another Stillwater/Filson beer. This IPA pours a yellow color with a fluffy three-and-a-half-finger white head. It dissipated slowly, leaving behind thick lacing. The aroma is like a traditional IPA; grassy, hoppy, bitter, and citrus fruits. The taste is dank, grassy, bitter, hoppy, and citrus fruit (oranges). The mouthfeel is juicy and medium. Then it comes to a nice pine bitter finish that is lithely citrusy. The aftertaste is bitter citrus and grassy but lingers just enough to know that it’s there. This beer is how IPA was twenty-two years ago, before the explosion of west-coast IPAs, New England, and all the other sub-styles of an IPA. It’s just an IPA, a good IPA. I’d give this an A+. It is refreshing to go back to the roots or the beginning of IPA. The whole style/sub-style of IPAs has become too much, and I still like all IPA. I am getting tired of every beer out in stores being an IPA. This IPA has a classic IPA flavor and taste. I highly recommend this. It’s fantastic, and it will keep you wanting more. Please be kind, stay safe, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers! 

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