NoDa Brewing Company Big Slurp Juicy Imperial IPA

This beer Big Slurp is a juicy imperial IPA that is part of the Superior Lupulin Utilization Research Project, AKA Big Slurp (an acronym) from NoDa Brewing Company here in Charlotte, North Carolina. This IPA is 8.5% ABV. This IPA has Galaxy, Cascade, Ekuanot, and Centennial hops. This IPA also has tangerine and orange zest. This beer pours a hazy, juicy orange with a three-and-a-half finger white head. The head is slow to dissipate. The aroma is juicy with citrus orange, hoppy notes, and bitterness. The flavor doesn’t stay far from the smell. There are juicy citrus orange, tangerine, and bitter/hoppy flavors. This beer has a medium, soft mouthfeel. Then Big Slurp finishes with a juicy citrus flavor that is nicely bitter and pleasantly hoppy. Then you’ll come to an aftertaste of fresh orange soft tangerines. This beer is delicious. I give this beer an A. The overall flavor does pack a punch and lets you know that it’s 8.5% ABV. But it is flavorful and delicious. I highly recommend Big Slurp from NoDa Brewing Company. Please be kind, stay safe, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers! 

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