Maine Beer Company Zoe

I went over the state border into South Carolina where they have an actual liquor store and not a state-run ABC store like here in North Carolina. I bought I bottle of Zoe from the Maine Beer Company in Freeport, Maine. This is a hoppy amber ale that is 7.2% ABV. This ale has Simcoe, Centennial, and Columbus hops in it. It also has American 2-Row, Maris Otter Pale, Carmel 40L, Munich 10L, Victory, Carmel 80L, and Chocolate malts. This ale pours a deep amber color with a three-finger rocky beige head, that slowly fades into a nice lacing. The aroma is Malty, sweet, and hoppy. The flavor is malty, with a little vegetable note, sweet, and hoppy. It is pretty much the same as it smells. This is more malted with the way the hoppy notes are lighter. The mouthfeel is full. Then this amber beer finishes with a malted hop note. Then comes the aftertaste of malted hop cones. This is a good hoppy amber ale. I would give Zoe a B+. The sweetness is balanced out by the light hop notes But you don’t get a Hugh punch of hops, because that is being subdued by the malty flavor. This is one beer I would recommend, but it is not easy to find. I got this at Stateline Elite in Fort Mill, South Carolina on Highway 521. Please be kind, stay safe, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers! 

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