Johny Bootlegger Alcatraz Sour Apple

This beverage is another Johny Bootlegger beverage. This is Alcatraz Sour Apple, 12% ABV. All of Johny Bootlegger’s products are 12% ABV. This apple drink pours a bright neon green color. The aroma is sour candy fake apple. The taste is sweet and candy apple flavor. The apple flavor is fake and manufactured tasting. The flavor is manufactured chemical tasting in the middle and then has a weird nasty flavor of r bad fake apple. The mouthfeel is light. This sour apple beverage finish with a chemical apple taste. The aftertaste is sour, but not fruity. It’s more of a non-fruity flavor. This Johny Bootlegger Alcatraz Sour Apple is awful. I think this drink is an F. I would not have this, and I didn’t finish all seven ounces. This Sour Apple was way too fake fruit flavor. It wasn’t even a good fake apple. It tastes like someone who never had an apple or knew what one was supposed to taste like was trying to recreate the flavor of a sour apple. Please be kind, stay safe, and enjoy responsiblyCheers!

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