Westbrook Brewing company Rinse Repeat Galaxy Hallertau Blanc India Pale Ale

I took a few days off from writing just for a break, so I wouldn’t develop writer’s block. But here is Westbrook Brewing Company Rinse/Repeat Glaxay Hallertau Blanc India Pale Ale, 7% ABV. This beer is no longer being made, but you can still find it on shelves. With that said, I could not find any other info on this beer other than the label. This IPA is made with Galaxy, Hallertau Hops & Blanc Yeast. This particular beer is part of the Rinse/Repeat series that features different types of hops/yeast in each beer. This IPA is a current series. This IPA pours a hazy yellow color with a two-finger bright white head. The home of this IPA is tropical, pineapple, and citrus grapefruit with a bitter grassy note. The flavor is tropical and juicy with pineapple, grapefruit, and grassy hoppy flavors. The mouthfeel is full. It finishes with a fruity hoppy grass flavor that carries of into the aftertaste then fades. Westbrook Brewing Company Rinse/Repeat Glaxay Hallertau Blanc India Pale Ale is a good solid IPA. I’d say it’s an A. This beer has a good hop profile that goes very well with the yeast combining for a delicious IPA. I highly recommend it! Please be kind, stay safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

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