Throwback Thursday: Meantime Brewing Company India Pale Ale

When you find an India Pale Ale, you find that most of them are from some American brewery, but they did originate from England, and so did this one, Meantime English IPA, 7.50% ABV. This IPA has a higher ABV than most IPA I’ve come across. This Meantime pours a hazy light orange color with a one-finger thin white head that does fade quickly and leave somewhat of a light lacing. I didn’t find too much light coming through the glass and nor did I find a whole lot of carbonation bubbles either. The aroma has nice citrus fruit notes to it,  orange and lemon. There was that bitter grass scent as well. Meantime’s taste is a sticky citrusy with orange lemon and a bit of pineapple surrounded by a hoppy yet grassy note. But this is way hoppier than most American IPA, not a  lot of bitterness, big hop presents to it. There is no sour like bitterness that you get from some American IPA’s. This IPA is just a big hoppy IPA. The mouthfeel is medium with a big hop note and finishes with a nice hop flavor. The aftertaste is hoppy clean, a bit refreshing. I would give this an A, just a good hoppy IPA without a lot of bitterness and need to have a glass of water afterward, but I wouldn’t have more than two of these, having a hoppy presence and a 7.50% ABV. But this is a solid English IPA, well crafted and tasty. I recommend this if you love IPA’s or just hoppy beers. This IPA is good! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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