J. Wakefield Brewing Ponch & Jon Northwestern Style IPA


J. Wakefield Brewing Ponch & Jon Northwestern Style IPA, 6.5% ABV is a beer that I purchased from Pop The Top Craft Beer Shop partly because of the can neat looking artwork, partly because of the CHiPs connection and because I don’t see tomay J. Wakefield beers in my area. Ponch & Jon is brewed with Strata, Idaho 7, & Simcoe hops. This IPA pours a cloudy hazy yellow color with a very slow fading pillowy white fluffy three and a quarter finger head. Ponch & Jon gives off a nice tropical citrusy aroma that is dank and pine with a nice tropical citrusy dake flavor with some pine notes that hit the taste buds in the back of the mouth, that come to a nice thick bitter finish and a nice tropical hoppy aftertaste that linger just enjoy to enjoy and has a slightly thick mouthfeel. I do enjoy this style of IPA but not on the top of my list and J. Wakefield Brewing Ponch & Jon Northwestern Style IPA is good getting a B+. I think that the slight pine notes to be a touch out of place for this IPA style and does not really go all that well with the tropical flavors, but it was not the most terrible thing I’ve had. It had a nice about of good tropical flavors with some nice bitter notes that really were tasty and this was quite an interesting beer if you like New England style IPA I would say, sure go try J. Wakefield Brewing Ponch & Jon Northwestern Style IPA. Please stay safe and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

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