Dogfish Head Craft Brewery 60 Minute IPA


Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, 60 Minute IPA, 6% ABV with 60 IBUs (International Bittering Units) from Milton, Delaware is their east coast IPA continually hopped with a slew of northwest hops throughout the entire boil acourding to their can. 60 Minute IPA was originally released back in 2003, seventeen years ago & uses a foot-ball-machine-turned-continual-hopper and their addition of equal increments throughout the entire boil. 60 Minute IPA is a classic flagship Dogfish Head beer and can be found pretty much anywhere beer is served and/or sold. 60 Minute IPA pours a bit of a deep yellow near golden copper color with a barely two finger quicky fading white head that gives off a slightly piney citrus note with a bitterness to it that pretty much smells like a typical IPA. The taste is bitter at first with a citrus fruit note that follows with a hoppy slightly piney hoppy note hitting the back of the tongue and carrying into the finish with a little more citrus that has a bitter bite and a bitter citrusy aftertaste that does linger for a little while before fading into bitterness for just a second with a lighter mouthfeel. Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, 60 Minute IPA is not bad but I found it to be just another IPA, and maybe that is what Dogfish Head is going for with it. But I give 60 Minute IPA a C+. It is and IPA that is, in my opinion, it’s the middle of the road and something that you can drink without having an assault on your taste buds, and I would just barely recommend it. It’s not a bad IPA, it’s just above average. Please stay safe and please enjoy responsibily! Cheers!

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