Sycamore Brewing Rainbow Dust India Pale Ale


Brewed with six hop varietals from around the world and brewed in Charlotte, North Carolina Sycamore Brewing Rainbow Dust India Pale Ale, 7.1% ABV, which was gifted to me through a family members co-worker. Rainbow Dust pours an orange color, with sediment and a two-finger white head that fades and a steady pace that gives off a tropical fruit aroma, bits of pineapple, mango, and melons. This IPA smells inviting and when I took the first sip I found that tropical fruit some pineapple on the front of the tongue with mango on the middle with tiny bits of melon that grown on the back of the mouth with some nice average bitter hoppy notes that have nice bitter tropical finish and a hoppy slightly fruity aftertaste the hoppy notes slightly overtook the fruit flavors there, with a medium mouthfeel. I am usually not a fan of Sycamore Brewing, I find they’re beer to be just below average but Rainbow Dust India Pale Ale was not bad but I have a better tropical tasting IPA and I give this a C+. It has good tropical flavors but they are just right above average, nothing really to rant and rave about. I would have this again I mean it’s just a nice average example of a tropical IPA nothing more. Please stay safe at home and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!      

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