King Canary Brewing Co.


King Canary Brewing co. Dark Side of the Loon, 5.6% ABV purchaser in Crowler form from Pop The Top Craft Beer Shop is an English-style Porter brewed with fifteen pounds of golden raisins, vanilla, and a touch of coconut. Dark Side of the Loon pours a black color with a quarter finger beige bubbly head that fades into nothing as soon as it from with no traces of it being left behind. I found there to be nice chocolate, black licorice with very faint raisin with some light coffee aromas on the nose that then lead into similar flavors of chocolate, black licorice, nice but light coffee notes with very faint raisin come in for a second on the back of your tongue that comes to a slightly bitter chocolate licorice finish with a licorice aftertaste. King Canary Brewing co. Dark Side of the Loon is not so great but not the worst Porter, I think its a D, and was something that I did finish two pints of from my crowler but I wouldn’t have again, the weird bitterness towards the end was not that pleasant nor was the chocolate and licorice together, when but together those two tasted weird and bitter.  I didn’t enjoy King Canary Brewing co. Dark Side of the Loon, as much as I was thinking that I would I would not try this beer. Please stay safe at home and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers! 

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