New Belgium Dayblazer Easygoing Ale

New Belgium Dayblazer Easygoing Ale, 4.8% purchased at my local Harris Teeter grocery is a session ale, that pours a golden yellow color with one finger white head and gives your nose clean, crisp sudsy aromas with some grain notes as well, with a taste that is somewhat similar to the aroma with crisp sweet clean flavors with a very faint hoppy note on the back of the mouth with a refreshing quality and a crisp somewhat sweet finish with a nice clean grains aftertaste with a light mouthfeel. This is just an average tasting beer that you probably will not remember but is good, give New Belgium Dayblazer Easygoing Ale a C+. There is nothing offensive about this beer nor is there anything really worthwhile here. It is a much better version of a BMC (Budweiser, Miller, Coors) offering. I recommend New Belgium Dayblazer Easygoing Ale, go try it, it goes down very easy! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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