Throwback Thursday: CAPRI Birra Artigianale Ligea (Belgian IPA)

I am not a huge fan of IPA but I actually love Belgian IPAs. The Belgian yeast strain tends to cut through some of the bitter hops making the flavor less intense and softer. This IPA style is quite popular but not as popular as US west coast IPA that you tend to find in southern California especially San Diego. While I was on vacation in the great Country of Italy I went to Napoli to the Isle of Capri and by the end of the day while waiting on the boat back to Napoli I had CAPRI di Birra Artigianale Ligea (Belgian IPA), 5.0% abv. Three brothers who have a love for craft beers make this beer on the Isle of Capri. CAPRI di Birra Artigianale Ligea pours a yellowish gold color with a tow finger white head. I found there to be little rays of sun coming through the whine glass with a decent amount of carbonation bubbles. The aroma is soft with hints of apples, pears and light lemon zest. Ligea has a nice soft fruity taste that has a nice bit of bubble behind a crisp apple, and hints of lemon zest. I got a little amount of hop flavor there but nothing to bitter. The mouth feel is medium with a nice softness and has a good slightly bitter finish. The aftertaste is like a nice lemon and apple flavor with a hint of a grassy note. But as this beer warms up the fruity flavor fade and the hoppy grass note come alive. I found Ligea to be very refreshing after a nice warm day on Capri. CAPRI di Birra Artigianale Ligea is an A. I very easy drinking beer and very delicious. If you every get to the Isle of Capri or to Napoli I highly recommend drinking CAPRI di Birra Artigianale Ligea. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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