Rogue Ales Dead Guy Ale

Rogue Ales out of Newport Oregon brews Dead Guy Ale, 6.8% which is a pretty common beer, MaiBock from Rogue Ales. I have previously reviewed this beer and will be putting that older review up on this coming Throwback Thursday review. But I thought I deserved a re-review, and this is a new special bottle that glows and glows like an analog watch. Dead Guy pours a deep orange-brown color with a slightly off-white two finger head that give off malted sweet aromas with a bit of a hoppy note that pull you into the malted flavor that splashes a touch of bitter-sweetness on to your taste buds with the faintest cracker note that finish slightly malty with some hoppy bitterness and an aftertaste of malted bitter orange but not similar to an IPA with a medium mouthfeel. Rogue Ales Dead Guy Ale is still good getting a B here. I found it to be a nice American take on a traditional German style beer that is well balanced. I would recommend this beer to most anyone. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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