Trophy Brewing Company Trophy Husband

Picked up Trophy Brewing Company Trophy Husband Saison, 5.4% ABV from Pop the Top Craft Beer Shop here in Charlotte. If you haven’t been in Pop the Top then you needed to go, it is awesome with awesome staff. Trophy Brewing brews Trophy Husband in Raleigh, North Carolina which pours a yellow color that appears a bit hazy with a big two finger head that falls into some decent streaks of fluffy lacing throughout the class giving you some rustic aromas of light yeast, peppercorns and a faint hop note that lead into a rustic flavor of a semi-sweet yeasted notes with a touch of a hoppy element with some light peppercorns and dry fruitiness that finish dry with a little light hop sweetness and an aftertaste of dry fruit with a bit of the yeast flavor with a light to somewhat medium mouthfeel. Trophy Brewing Company Trophy Husband Saison is a great Saison that gets an A here. It’s one Saison that is more on the lighter side with a great easy flavor that I think any novice or newbie beer/craft beer drinker would surely enough, and Trophy Brewing Company Trophy Husband Saison is one I really recommend trying. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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