Rogue Ales 10 Hop IPA

This beer Rogue Ales 10 Hop IPA, 10.10% ABV 2ith 78 IBUs brewed in Newport Oregon is a double IPA brewed with 10 different hops such as Rogue Farms Liberty, Independence, Revolution, Keven, Adair, Rebel, Newport, Yaquina , Freedom & Alluvial Hops as well a Rogue Farms Dare & Risk, Goldpils Vienna Malts, Rogue Farms Hopyard Honey, Dextrose, Kolsch #2 Yeast, & Free range coastal water. 10 Hop IPA is part of a series of beer that has started out as 1 hop and gone front there and there is no telling how far or how many hops will be going future beers. 10 Hop IPA pours a deep orange color with a big four finger white slow head that gives you a slight sweetness in the aroma with bitterness and malt notes that takes you to a flavor that is big with an alcoholic boozy note with a semi-sweet honey note in the middle of the mouth with a hoppy flavor on the back of the tongue with big boozy bitter finish and an alcoholic bitter aftertaste with a big full mouthfeel. 10 Hop IPA does become more alcoholic as it warms. This is a big IPA but a good IPA and gets a B+. It has bold flavors without big way too hoppy and bitter, but it has enough to make it a big double IPA. You definitely know this is 10 hop IPA. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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