Pop the Top Craft Bottle Shop One Year Anniversary

One year ago yesterday in Southend Charlotte, North Carolina a wonderful couple, Ketan and Kathy decided to open a craft beer bottle shop. This past Saturday I went to Pop the Top Bottle Shop (116 West Blvd Charlotte, NC 28203). They had a good turn out, there were a nice sized crowed of people there with a line to order beer from their bar which they had specialty beers on a few of their taps. I had Ponysaurus Brewing Co. Amber’s Ale, which was the first Ponysauras beer I’ve had, I will be going to more of this Ponysauras Brewing and their beers in the near future. Pop the Top also handed out free beer glasses to the first fifty costumers, as well as representatives from Souther Pines Brewing Co located here in North Carolina pouring free tasting sized samples of their beer. I had their Peach IPA and Vitamin Sea, both were very good and yes I will be looking into their beers. Pop the Top did have some food on hand but more like snacks and such, The food was good. Overall the one-year anniversary at Pop the Top Bottle Shop was great. It is a great place to go for a beer and take some home. Speaking of buying beer to take home, just recently they have had crowlers which is similar to a growler but it’s a 32 ounce can that is filled from the tap and then the open top is sealed. I think that a crowler is a bit better than a traditional growler. It’s sealed better and will stay some what fresher before opening it. My advise on growlers and crowlers is to fill it with a beer that you can’t otherwise buy in a can/bottle. I had a good time at Pop the Top Bottle Shop’s one-year anniversary. Thanks to the entire staff there for doing a fabulous job of service/selling fabulous beer. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!


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