Appalachian Mountain Brewery Zest Yo’self Grapefruit IPA

I picked up Appalachian Mountain Brewery Zest Yo’self Grapefruit IPA, 6.8% ABV and 66 IBUs from Pop the Top Bottle Shop here in Southend area of Charlotte, North Carolina, and they are having their one year anniversary this coming Saturday. I posted more information about the event in this week’s The Beer News. I will be in attendance. Zest Yo’self Grapefruit IPA brewed Boone, with grapefruit zest, pulp, and juice, NC pours a deep orange/ruby red color with a two finger stead white head that leaves minimal lacing behind give off fruity grapefruit bitter aromas with Grapefruit flavors with nice bitter hop/grapefruit notes that are mild upfront and become a bit strong towards the back of the tongue with a smooth bitter fruit finish and a grapefruit bitter aftertaste with a fuller mouthfeel. This beer has too much bitter grapefruit to it that holds it back giving it a C. This is not a bad beer but it’s not a great one it’s average and I find that the beer’s flavor profile would overwhelm your taste buds after about two or three. I might have this again but too soon. Try if you like but just one. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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