Central State Beer Company Garden Gose

This Central State Brewing Company Garden Gose 3.6% ABV brewed in Indianapolis Indiana is a sour wheat ale brewed with coriander and lemon. I picked this up at Good Bottle Co. (www.goodbottleco.com) here in Charlotte, NC along with six other different beers. Garden Gose pours a pale yellow color with a two finger head with good retention giving off a nice tart lemon aroma with nice sour note that take you to a flavor of tart lemon that is mildly sour with a touch of salt hitting your tongue with a nice tart lemon finish with a nice tart/sour lemon wheat aftertaste that doesn’t linger long with a light mouthfeel. Central State Brewing Company Garden Gose is a good beer but doesn’t knock my favorite Gose Westbrook Brewing Company Gose down. I say Central State Brewing Company Garden Gose is a B-. This Gose does not have any real full or strong Gose flavors to it, and it’s overall lighter than some Gose beers that I’ve had before. It’s goods and something that I recommend trying. I enjoy it but it my top Gose. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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