Catawba Brewing Co. Deep State Baltic Porter


I’ve not had much from Catawba Brewing Co, but I’ve heard good things about them. This Catawba Brewing Co. Deep State Baltic Porter, 7.2% ABV which came via Brewpublik is one of a very few I’ve had. Deep State Baltic Porter pours a deep mahogany brown with light edges and a two finger beige head that falls quickly into itself and then into a little beige halo that wafts sweet roasted malts with a lightness of molasses notes to you with flavors of sweet rich roasted malts with a lightness and slight molasses raisin, toffee and a faint fig note that finishes smoothly with a slight bitter molasses like note and with an aftertaste of a roasted and a semi-sweet bitter note, and a light almost medium mouthfeel. I wasn’t expecting Deep State Baltic Porter to be as light as it was which is good, it’s an easier to drink Baltic Porter, it along the lines of a black lager. But some of the initial flavors feel a bit flat but as a whole, this beer is not bad, I say a B here. I would’ve like to have more roast and sweetness but not too much. But that is my only complaint towards Catawba Brewing Co. Deep State Baltic Porter and I would recommend this and would have this again. Cheers Please enjoy responsibly!     

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