Bhranari Brewing Company Molly’s Lips Black Gose with Orange Blossom


Now this beer from Bhranari Brewing Company, Molly’s Lips Balck Gose 4.0% ABV. This Gose-style beer is brewed with black malts, smoked English sea salt, coriander, and a hint of orange blossom. The Bhranari Brewing Company in Asheville North Carolina is named after the Hindu goddess of the Bees. Molly’s Lips pours a deep black color with brown edges and a two and a half finger beige head with decent retention, giving off a tart aroma with faint orange and some roasted dark malt notes and a with flavor of Sweet yet tartness up front then sea salt and roasted notes in the middle with a very faint coffee like note on the back of the mouth. The finish is on the lighter side for a dark beer with a slight tart roasted note with a salt roasted aftertaste and a lighter mouthfeel for a dark beer. This is a different and interesting take on a Gose-style beer and It’s not that bad, it gets a B-. Just not used to a dark or black Gose beer and it found there to be a slight conflict of flavors going on between the roasted black part and the Gose base, but it was not so bad. It just could have bee better, and Bhranari Brewing Company, Molly’s Lips Balck Gose isn’t a beer that I will be rushing back too soon. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly! 

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