Unibroue Grande Réserve 17 Aged with French Oak


For some time now I have been looking for this Unibroue Grande Réserve 17, 10.0% ABV. This is a dark ale aged in French Oak and bottled refermented. This Ale was originally brewed in 2007 to celebrate the brewery’s 17th anniversary, and it was such a success that they kept brewing it. This particular bottled was bottled in 2015 making it two years old.  I picked this Unibroue Grande Réserve 17 up at Whole Foods. Unibroue Grande Réserve 17 pours a deep brown dark color with a two-finger beige head with nice retention giving off sweet brandy/wine notes with touches of nice toffee and slight caramel on the nose, leading into a taste of slightly alcoholic sweet brandy with notes of toffee, raisin, and caramel. This beer drink smoother than it should for a 10.0% beer. Which might be a little dangerous. Unibroue Grande Réserve 17 has slight boozy semi-sweet finish with some toffee and an aftertaste of slight semi-sweet alcohol brand notes. The mouth feel is full. Overall this Unibroue Grande Réserve 17 is good for a big beer, it is a definite A. Miss slightly on the boozy finish but only just. I highly recommend Unibroue Grande Réserve 17 and I will be going back to this lovely beer. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!   

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