The Sugar Creek Brewing Company


I have recently been getting into Sugar Creek Brewing and really enjoying their beers. They brew great Belgian style beer, and it a local Charlotte brewery, one of many. I went over and checked out the brewery for myself. Down in the Queens Park area of Charlotte of Olde Pineville Rd down Southside Dr. you’ll find a lively place, The Sugar Creek Brewing Company, named after the Sugar Creek that runs through Charlotte. The build in which the Sugar Creek brewery occupies was once the Olde Mecklenburg Brewery which is further up Southside Dr within walking distance. They have a wide selection of Belgian style beers on tap and a couple bottle, they do have a food menu. They do have a flight for four beer that you can pick whatever draught you want.

Majority of Sugar Creek Draughts

The atmosphere is nice, as the inside isn’t too big nor too small, with a few tables outside where you can play a round or two of cornhole, with live music inside on the weekends. The staff is quick, friendly, and knowledgeable. I got there around 7:15 pm, not too crowded then and started with their Pilsner (Czech Pilsner).

Sugar Creek Pilsner

This Pilsner is great, crisp, clean, refreshing and easy to drink. A good beer to start off with. But you can find this only in the Sugar Creek Verity twelve pack or on tap. Good session beer. As the night wore on more people start to make their way in for the wonderful beer. After finishing the Pilsner I then went to the Sugar Creek Saison, a draught-only beer. 

Sugar Creek Saison

This Saison is probably one of my favorites from Sugar Creek. It smelled banana like with a slight spice, clove, and banana flavor. So around 9, the brewery started to get a bit crowded but not where you could find a nice drinking spot. At this point, the bar was nearly full of people sipping on their beer and carrying on conversations. So I sipped on this lovely Saison for a little while watching the bar staff hustle about serving the thirsty patrons. When I did finish the Saison, I took a little time but finally chose the Sugar Creek Belgian Dubbel. I have a 750ml bottle in my refrigerator, so a full review of that will be up soon. But it was pretty tasty.

Sugar Creek Belgian Dubbel

Half way through this beer I look around the crowded bar room as the music jammed across the room, man this place is hopping. Then I finished the Dubbel and made my way across the crowded room and outside to head home from a great fun night at the Sugar Creek Brewing Company. I will be back. You all should come too! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!  




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