Wooden Robot Brewery Tap Takeover at Palmer St.



Yesterday evening I attended The Wooden Robot Brewery tap takeover at Palmer St. Game Bar and Eats. Well the location was great, nice assortment of vintage video game and pinball machines. The take over part was not as cool. There were only four Wooden Robot beers on tap out of the fourteen or so taps.  The Wooden Robot beer that they did have was not bad; I had a A Darkly Sour, tasted like tart grape soda but in sort of a good way. They had Good Morning Vietnam, Mark It Zero IPA, and That’s What He’s Having IPA as well as the one I had.

The Wooden Robot Brewery A Darkly Sour

I thought that every tap there should have been a Wooden Robot beer and some of the breweries staff should have been on hand to answer any questions and give out small stickers and things like that. It just could have been better, and the Wooden Robot Brewery is less than a mile away from Palmer St. Palmer St. is a good place for a group of people to go, fun games to play, food as well and the beer selection isn’t bad I had a Triple C Blonde Girl, which was interesting.

IMG_5016The location and atmosphere was good, but the event was not good. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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