Sugar Creek Brewing Company Sugar Cookie

This beer, Sugar Cookie, is a Sugar Cookie-inspired Blonde Ale from Sugar Creek Brewing Company. This Christmas Blonde ale is from Charlotte, North Carolina. It weighs in at 8% ABV. I believe this beer is a seasonal-only offering. This beer pours a golden color with two fingers’ white heads. The head fades steadily into a thin halo of bubbles. The aroma is sweet with spices/sugar. The flavor is not far off from its smell. There is sweetness, sugar creaminess, and spices, and its had a smooth overall flavor. Then it comes to a sugar cookie finish. Yes, that is right, it passes over your tongue, and it all comes together and tastes like a sugar cookie. The aftertaste is like eating a delicious sugar cookie that lingers until the next sip. This Sugar Creek Brewing Company Sugar Cookie is an A. I thoroughly enjoyed this beer and would recommend you do the same. It is not heavy and has a nice holiday touch without weighing you down. It’s good throughout an entire pint. I would surely go back to it for this beer. Please be kind, stay safe, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Divine Barrel Brewing We’re Out of Peanut Butter, Frank

I’ve not had a lot of beers from Divine Barrell Brewing, located here in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have had a few here and there. I haven’t had enough to know if I like Divine Barrell. This beer is We’re Out of Peanut Butter, Frank. This beer is an American Porter with peanut butter. It comes in at 6.8% ABV. This Porter pours black with a three-finger beige/tan sticky head. The aroma is peanut butter, sweetness, and toasted/roasted notes. The flavor is of a sweet roasted/toasted peanut butter and light bitterness towards the back of the tongue. This Porter finishes with a slight bitter-toasted peanut butter flavor. Then you get a light peanut butter aftertaste. This beer is not like a peanut butter cup. Overall it is more like a toasted peanut butter candy bar. We’re Out of Peanut Butter, Frank is not terrible. You get the peanut butter, but everything else is just average. I give this American Porter a C+. It’s a fine peanut butter-flavored Porter, but that’s all. That aspect is not bad. If you see this beer don’t pass it up. But I wouldn’t go out just for We’re Out of Peanut Butter, Frank. Please be kind, stay safe and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!