Legion Brewing Double Juicy Jay IPA

Double Juicy Jay IPA is a stronger or double version of Legion Brewing’s flagship Juicy Jay IPA. This double IPA is relatively new and was sent from the brewery to me by Spark Strategic Ideas. I want to thank them as well as Legion Brewing for this beer. This IPA comes in at a whopping 9.3% ABV. This IPA pours a dark yellow with a three-finger sticky white fluffy head. The aroma is tropical, resiny, bitter/hoppy, and some honey. The flavor is resiny, and honey sweetness lightly comes through. This IPA is also hoppy/bitter, with tropical mango, pineapple, and some melons. The mouthfeel is not so full, but it is kind of full. Then it finishes with a tropical hoppy resiny flavor. Then this beer finishes with flavors of tropical honey fruit and bitterness that does linger a bit. This beer was smoother than I thought. I give Double Juicy Jay IPA a B-. It has good flavor but not a wow factor. It’s a solid beer. You can, however, feel that it is 9.3% ABV. I would recommend this beer. I recommend only having one is enough because its 9.3% ABV. The idea of taking their great Juicy Jay and making a double version and a no-brainer. Please be kind, stay safe, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!