Partake Brewing Cherry Gose

We’re back after a break of no reviews! Here is a different kind of beer that I don’t usually review here. This beer is Cherry Gose a non-alcoholic craft beer from Partake brewing. Partake Brewing is in Toronto, Canada. It is a non-alcoholic cat beer brewery. This Cherry Gose pours a pale yellow color with a one-and-half-finger fizzy white head. The head fades quickly into itself. The aroma is a big cherry aroma. But it’s a fake cherry candy scent and not much else there. The flavor is not like its own aroma. It’s light on cherry, and there is light coriander. This beer is thin and weak overall. I thought it was watery as well. It is easy to drink. The mouthfeel is light. Then it has a very light aftertaste and finishes of cherry that fades quickly, leaving a metallic taste in your mouth. The beers smells fine. But it was not a great beer. I give Partake Brewing Cherry Gose a D-. I didn’t get through the entire twelve ounces. I got only to nine and couldn’t finish the last three ounces. It tasted artificial and light. I don’t recommend this. Please be kind, stay safe, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!