Duvel Moortgat Duvel Belgian Golden

I purchased Duvel Moortgat Duvel Belgian Golden, 8.5% ABV from my local Harris Teeter grocery store to celebrate the new year. Duvel is the benchmark Belgian Gold. It pours a vibrant yellow with a bight, foamy, rocky, pillowy head. Head retention is good. Duvel has a bittersweet fruity aroma that has a little bread note. Taste is fruity with bitter and sweet notes that are smooth. Mouthfeel is medium with a polished feel and comes to a bittersweet finish that more fruit sweet. The aftertaste is nice smooth with fruity bitterness. Duvel is a must-try beer. It is fabulous. I give Duvel Moortgat Duvel Belgian Golden an A+. It is perfect, taste, with great flavor. No wonder it’s the best in its style category. I highly recommend having it! Please stay safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!