NoDa Brewing Company Gose Pink Or Go Home!

Brewed locally in Charlotte, North Carolina, NoDa Brewing Company Gose Pink or Go Home!, 3.8, a Raspberry and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Gose. This Gose style beer that benefits Project Pink that helps support and fight breast Cancer alongside Charlotte Radiology with mobile screenings. Gose Pink or Go Home pours red-like color with a two-finger white steady head. The aroma is tropical, raspberry salted with some sweetness. The taste is similar to its aroma with guava, raspberry sweetness, a bit of tartness with a slated flavor. Gose Pink or Go Home finishes tart, fruity with light salty, and a tart aftertaste. It has a nice light mouthfeel. Overall I found NoDa Brewing Company Gose Pink or Go Home! to be a little above average. I give it a C+ grade. This Gose is not bad, have had better examples of a Gose beer. The salted notes with a little lackluster, the raspberry was a bit overpowering but not terrible. If I had this to drink, I wouldn’t say no. Please stay safe and enjoy responsibly!