Edmunds Oast Brewing Co. Cereal For Dinner


Edmunds Oast Brewing Co. Cereal For Dinner, 5.0% ABV is brewed in Charleston, South Carolina is a blonde ale brewed with English yeast, East Kent, Goldings hops, 2-row, Carafoam malt, Vanilla, toasted coconut, toasted almonds, and Lactose. Cereal For Dinner pours a deep yellow color with a one and a half finger white that fades somewhat quickly giving off a sweet vanilla coconut sweet aroma Taste is sweet with nice vanilla with some nice coconut notes. I really don’t get the almond flavors but that not bad. The taste does carry into the finish with nice vanilla and some toasted coconut and a nice sweet aftertaste that lings for just a bit with a lighter mouthfeel. Edmunds Oast Brewing Co. Cereal For Dinner is a good beer an A-, but you have to be into sweet beers or in the mood for one. This is not a full-on refreshing beer, but it’s a bit refreshing and not too heavy. Its something that worth a try and one that I would enjoy coming back to have. Edmunds Oast Brewing Co. is a good solid brewery as is Cereal For Dinner. Please stay safe and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

NoDa Brewing Company Lemon shortbread Kölsch


NoDa Brewing Company Lemon Shortbread Kölsch, 4.8% is brewed right here in Charlotte, North Carolina with plenty of lemon zest to have a Girl Scout cookie flavor, I think they are going for a Lemon Up which used to Savannah Smiles but anyway. Lemon Shortbread Kölsch pours a yellow color with a one and a half finger white head that fades rather quick giving off big lemon aromas with a sours note to it, almost like a Lemonhead candy. Taste is somewhat similar to the aroma with big lemony notes with a bit of sourness with a hint of a spice to it with very little to no shortbread flavor that finishes with a sour lemon flavor and continues on to the lemony spiced aftertaste with a lighter mouthfeel. NoDa Brewing Company Lemon Shortbread Kölsch is like a big lemon that does take over all other flavors I give it a C+. It’s not a bad lemon flavor just onesided on the beer’s flavor profile and yeah found it a bit refreshing and tasty, but not really a lemon Girl Scout cookie. The other three I’ve had have tasted more cookie-like than this one. But I would recommend trying it, I think it would be good on a hot summers day. Please stay safe at home and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!   

Throwing Thursday: NoDa Brewing Company CAVU

Originally posted on September 7th, 2014.


I’ve seen more and more beer in cans recently and that isn’t a bad thing. In the past canned beer wasn’t thought of as good as the bottled beer. People thought the materials of aluminum cans would make the beer taste funny. Now can technology has gone many times better. But canned beer can go places that bottled beer cannot. You can take cans of beer to the beach, put them in a backpack, or in the cooler without worry, and aluminum cans don’t break when dropped. NoDa Brewing Company here in Charlotte, North Carolina makes beer in cans, and here is one of their newer beers CAVU (Ceiling and visibility unlimited), 4.6% ABV, and is in a rather cool looking sixteen ounce can. CAVU pours a clear golden color with a one-finger fizzy wheat head that dissipates quickly but leaves behind minimal lacing. I found lots of light streaming through the glass with healthy amounts of carbonation. The aroma is a bit fruity with a bit of grapefruit and some oranges. There is a slight whiff of pine in the aroma as well. NoDa CAVU has a crisp taste of fruity hops, this is due to the use of west coast hops, I found there to be grapefruit and orange with hints of a piney grassy taste on the back of the mouth. I also found a buttery cracker flavor in the middle of the mouth and towards the back. CAVU has a medium to light mouthfeel with a nice hop character. This beer finishes nicely with a crisp hoppy bit and has a fruity hop aftertaste. NoDa Brewing Company CAVU gets an A, this is a good beer that doesn’t overpower your taste buds and is easy to drink as well as refreshing, and has a very cool looking can too. I enjoyed this one very much and I do highly recommend that you go and try NoDa Brewing Company CAVU for yourself. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Catawba Brewing Company Hoppness Haze


Catawba Brewing Hoppness Haze IPA, 6.0% ABV is a hazy version of their Hoppness Monster IPA. Hoppness Haze is brew with Citrus and Zythos hops in Morganton North Carolina. Hopness Hazy IPA pours a hazy yellow with a one and quarter white quickly fading head that gives off a light juicy citrus aroma of nice orange and grapefruits, that carries into the taste with a light smooth citrus juice a low hoppy bitterness with a very faint grassy note that comes to a nice citrusy grassy finish with a light bitter fruit juice aftertaste that lingers for just long enjoy to notice and with a lighter mouthfeel. Catawba Brewing does brew nice tasty brews but this was just a little off from being average so Catawba Brewing Hoppness Haze  IPA get a C-. It just one of those beers that not really memorable but not really terrible. The flavors were all average on it, and overall Catawba Brewing Hoppness Haze IPA was near boring. I wouldn’t recommend it. Please stay safe at home and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Burial Beer Contrition Pilsner


Pilsner beers are often overlooked in the craft beer world because they remind people of the large maco breweries, Budweiser, Mill-Coors, Pabst, etc… But Pilsner can actually be quite tasty if brewed well. Burial Beer Contrition Pilsner, 4.8% ABV brewed with Grungeiest, Hallertau, Blanc, and Saaz hops, with one-hundred percent German Pilsner malts in Asheville, North Carolina. This Pilsner is hopped extensively in their whirlpool, whirlpooling is a common method used in commercial breweries to separate hop pellets and trub from wort after the wort boil. Then the wort is allowed to stand for an additional 20 minutes or so to allow the hops and trub to form a compact trub/hop pile in the center of the vessel. Contrition pours a golden color with a steady fading two-finger head that gives off a nice bready biscuit sweet aroma. Taste does follow the nose with a biscuit bready sweet flavor with a slight spice note on the middle of the tongue that carries into the finish of sweet bread/biscuits with a very faint hop tingle on the back of the throat and comes to a nice semi-sweet linger aftertaste with a light refreshing mouthfeel that you can enjoy again and again and again. Burial Beer Contrition Pilsner is quite tasty and much better than any macro brew pilsner, I say Contrition Pilsner is an A. It has a well-balanced flavor that does not overpower your tastebuds nor is strong in any way. It could be a bit crisper but it was good anyway and yes you should try Burial Beer Contrition Pilsner. Please stay safe at home and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

NoDa Brewing Company Coconut + Chocolate Ale


NoDa Brewing Coconut + Chocolate Ale, 4.9% is another Girl Scout cookie inspired beer, a blonde al that is brewed with Coco nibs, Epiphany malt, and conditioned on Coconut right here in Charlotte. Coconut + Chocolate Ale pours a light orange color with a two-finger creamy white slow sticky head that gives off a sweet coconut and chocolate aroma with a taste that isn’t much different to its own aroma with a big coconut sweetness at first quickly accompanied by a nice chocolate flavor with a sweet biscuit cookie note on the back of the tongue that finishes nice and sweet with a nice cookie flavor and continues over to the aftertaste with a lingering sweet coconut with a medium mouthfeel. NoDa Brewing Coconut + Chocolate Ale is good but towards the end of a pint the sweetness is becoming a little much but still good, and overall it does taste like a Girl Scout cookie, I give NoDa Brewing Coconut + Chocolate Ale a high B+. I don’t think two pints are feasible maybe and yes you should try it. I wouldn’t turn it down if I came across it again but just one. Please stay safe at home and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!    

Westbrook Brewing Co.Breaded Break-In

Originally posted September 8th, 2015 at Folly Beach.


I love being in a place where you can find different and local beers that I can’t find at home. That is always fun. I found this, Westbrook Brewing Co. Breaded Break-In, 6.6% ABV. This beer is similar to they’re Gose but Breaded Break-In is brewed with more grain and a bunch of Sorachi Ace hops as well as coriander. Breaded Break-In pours a yellow-orange cloudy color with a three-finger fleecy white head that slowly dissipates into some lacing but not much. The aroma is big with lemony notes and very faint lemon hops smell. The taste is very tart and lemony, as the aroma would suggest. There is the salty flavor that you would get from the Gose but is overshadowed by the intense lemon flavor. It’s boarding on to much lemon flavor, but it’s enjoyable. The mouthfeel is medium with a tart refreshing finish and leads into a nice tart lemon finish that lingers leaving you smacking your lips. This Breaded Break-In from Westbrook Brewing Co. gets and A. I loved how tart it was and that the salty flavor notes we subdued by the lemon, and how refreshing it is despite being so lemony tart. I highly recommend that you try this Westbrook Breaded Break-In. I think you will! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Burial Beer Rationality Shall Run Its Course India Pale Ale


Burial Beer Rationality Shall Run Its Course, 7.5% ABV with 40 IBU (International Bittering Units) is brewed in Asheville North Carolina with Amarillo Cryo, Cashmere, Citra Cryo, El Dorado, Galaxy, Mosaic, Riwaka, Simcoe hops and with Lactose. This is a one-off beer that you probably will not see again once it all gone. Rationality Shall Run Its Course purchased from Pop The Top Craft Beer Shop here in Charlotte, North Carolina pours a bright hazed yellow, orange juice color with a one and a quarter fluffy white slow fading head. Rationality Shall Run Its Course gives off a nice sweet juicy fruited aroma of some tropical pineapple, light mango, light orange, and grapefruit with some interesting grass note wafting in. Taste is somewhat similar to its own aroma, I found it to be juicy, fruity, I found some nice sweet pineapple, light mango, grapefruit, some orange with a nice lower bitter hoppy note that has a little grassy flavor to that I found hanging out on the rear of my tongue that had a strong finish with nice fruitiness, with yet a light sweetness and a light bittersweet fruit aftertaste with a very faint grassy note. Burial Beer Rationality Shall Run Its Course was a big beer with a lot of hop verities that are on the stronger side of the IPA spectrum and the aftertaste was a tad stronger than everything else giving Burial Beer Rationality Shall Run Its Course an A-, everything else about this IPA was great, but on a side note more that one is a little questionable, I might have gotten through a pint and a quarter or half but not so much as two pints, the flavor would by the end of said second pint maybe be to much on your tastebud, but not terrible. I do however recommend Burial Beer Rationality Shall Run Its Course. Please stay safe at home and please enjoy resposibly Cheers! 

Sycamore Brewing Rainbow Dust India Pale Ale


Brewed with six hop varietals from around the world and brewed in Charlotte, North Carolina Sycamore Brewing Rainbow Dust India Pale Ale, 7.1% ABV, which was gifted to me through a family members co-worker. Rainbow Dust pours an orange color, with sediment and a two-finger white head that fades and a steady pace that gives off a tropical fruit aroma, bits of pineapple, mango, and melons. This IPA smells inviting and when I took the first sip I found that tropical fruit some pineapple on the front of the tongue with mango on the middle with tiny bits of melon that grown on the back of the mouth with some nice average bitter hoppy notes that have nice bitter tropical finish and a hoppy slightly fruity aftertaste the hoppy notes slightly overtook the fruit flavors there, with a medium mouthfeel. I am usually not a fan of Sycamore Brewing, I find they’re beer to be just below average but Rainbow Dust India Pale Ale was not bad but I have a better tropical tasting IPA and I give this a C+. It has good tropical flavors but they are just right above average, nothing really to rant and rave about. I would have this again I mean it’s just a nice average example of a tropical IPA nothing more. Please stay safe at home and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!      

Dssolver Aku Askew Double India Pale Ale


Dssolver Aku Askew Double India Pale Ale, 9.6% brewed with pineapple, lime juice, grapefruit, lime peel, toasted almond, and Lactose in Asheville, North Carolina and I purchased this from Pop The Top Craft Beer Shop, go check them out if you haven’t. Aku Askew pours deeper yellow with a one and half finger white head that fades a bit rapidly giving you nose aromas of sweet juicy tropical fruit juicy, pineapple with nice citrusy notes that call you to take a sip where I found a tropical pineapple juicy with nice citrus juices, but I did a bitter minty taste on the back of my tongue with some light hoppy notes that culminate into a juicy fruit finish with touches of sweetness and continue to linger in the aftertaste with a touch more hoppy bitter notes with a medium to almost full mouthfeel. Dssolver brews good beer but I found Aku Askew Double India Pale Ale to be just above average getting a C+. I think the slightly strange flavor of mint the I got could be from the toasted almond interacting with all the nice juicy fruit flavors, that’s where I found Aku Askew Double India Pale Ale to fall off a bit. Would I have this again? Probably not right away seeing how has a big ABV and a barely above average flavor profile. I am not going to rush back to have this and you should try it just once. Please stay safe at home and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!