Dssolver Sandwich Station American Pale Ale


Recently purchased from Pop The Top Craft Beer Shop, Dssolver Sandwich Station American Pale Ale, 5.2% ABV brewed with Cascade and Crystal hops. I highly recommend that you support your local breweries, bottle shops and other small businesses doing this time, they need your support. Dssolver Sandwich Station, brewed in Asheville, North Carolina pours a dark yellow color with a three-finger white head that quickly fades to two-fingers and slowly fades leaving behind some nice lacing. This American Pale Ale gives aromas of very faint floral notes with breaded bitterness with a piney hoppy note as well. Taste is of a nice bitterness with some hoppy breaded notes with some floralness sneaking in and I guess the taste does follow the nose, then it comes to a nice light bitter finish with the faintest dry note and Sandwich Station has nice bitter piney aftertaste. This beer is an easy drinker, it’s has a nice balance of flavor with just the right amount of it and a nice Alcohol By Volume level, and with that said I give Dssolver Sandwich Station am A+.  You should try it! Please stay safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!